Enjoy the unique view of the nearby Bezděz Castle and landscape surrounding Hotel Relax in Vrchbělá. For active R&R you can take advantage of the several kilometres of rollerblading, cycling or cross-country trails, all close to the hotel.

It is located in the former Ralsko military zone, specifically in the Vrchbělá area. The entire facility including the hotel falls under the cadastre of the town of Bělá pod Bezdězem. Located only 15 km away from Mladá Boleslav. The motorway network provides a fast connection to the capital – it is only a one-hour drive through Mladá Boleslav to the Prague Airport. The view of the Bezděz Castle from the hotel is unrivalled – the pristine landscape offers beautiful scenery perfect for rest and relaxation, with the opportunity to visit Lake Mácha, which is located close to the facility. Hotel RELAX is a part of the sports and recreation facility built under the “Multifunctional tourist centre” and “In-Line Park Bezděz” projects, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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